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About Us

In 1874 when James Aitken became a wine merchant in Dundee, he could not have imagined how the world of wine would change or that nearly 140 years later his family would still be providing customers with the same knowledgeable and dependable Aitken Wines service.

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James built Aitken Wines on foundations of quality, service and value for money, and these traditions have been solidly maintained by four generations. Aitkens have been buying wines for over a hundred years, a century of experience that gives us confidence in buying wines from every wine-making region in the world. From the great vineyards of Bordeaux and Burgundy through the majesty of Italy and the rising stars of Europe and the New World, we talk wine face to face with the winemakers and we buy from them with one aim in mind - to find the best wines at the best prices for our customers.

So much has changed in the world of wine since James Aitken first opened his shop doors. Where once wine would take weeks to arrive from France, an order placed today in New Zealand can arrive just days later. A whole new world of winemaking has opened up in Australasia and the Americas, forcing the established order to raise its game and leading to exciting developments in Spain, Portugal and Italy. But despite incessant change, one thing remains constant - Aitken Wines' devotion to providing you, our customers, with informed and appropriate advice.

As with winemaking itself, it's all about balance; and in providing you with the best wines we find, at the best prices, and with the right advice, we hope to have the balance about right.

Aitken Wines - Make Time For Good Wine.

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